I posted this today on the NewsOK KnowIt blog. 

Village street flooding goes back and continues

I live in the Village, Oklahoma. It’s a small municipality located within northwest Oklahoma City around May, Penn, Hefner, Britton. It was raining recently while I was driving down Britton east to Broadway extension. Water was lining up in the streets. I drove right through it. I had no other choice. The water drenched my car to the point where I could not see anything for a few seconds. It was kind of scary but it was only seconds. I was by the infamous drainage ditch by Village Drive, aka: The Village River to locals. It made me wonder, why is the Village prone to street flooding. I went into their history records. It’s a bit storied but not uncommon with new developments – new, as in 1950s new. Picking up in the mid-1950s, here’s a portion from the Village, OK History web page, chapter 13 …. more online.